Get Hands-On Tools

to Transform Your Culture

And Employment Brand

Kathleen can help you tackle your talent challenges head-on. Her keynotes address four critical topics that have the greatest impact on your people and, therefore, your company as a whole.

Keynote Speaking

Today’s market is incredibly dynamic –– global talent, a diverse workforce, highly engaged customers that expect more.

If your workplace isn’t a reflection of this amazing time in history, your best employees will find one that is.

Kathleen addresses key drivers that can transform your workplace culture. Her tailored talks can inspire your entire organization or deliver a healthy dose of truth to your leadership team.


Recruitment is a Sales Process

Posting ads online and praying for a bite isn’t enough. It’s time to approach recruitment with the same zeal as customer acquisition. Learn how HR and marketing teams can collaborate to boost your employment brand and target your desired talent pool.

Culture By Design

Your culture exists whether you know it or not. It sets the tone for your entire employment brand –– and you simply can’t fake it. Get the tools to establish an environment that’s irresistible and irreplaceable to top talent. Don’t settle for culture by default. Take an active role and build a culture by design.

Put People First

No one can argue that technology is disrupting the way we do HR. But it’ll never replace the need to develop people-centered workplaces. When employees feel they belong, have opportunities to grow, know their work has meaning, and trust their leaders –– that’s when you create success. Put people first. Everything else will follow.

Find Your Voice

Are some of your employees singing off key? Identify the cause of dissonant chords with an honest look at your culture, engagement, and recruitment processes. Organizations thrive when all members of the team have a voice. It’s up to you to foster workplace harmony by championing an environment of respect and understanding.

Book Kathleen

Inspire, motivate and change the workplace at your next workshop, event or convention. Kathleen’s insightful keynotes can be tailored to your specific needs, providing maximum impact to your audience. Kathleen can deliver presentations and workshops in a virtual format.


Culture by Design

Culture. It’s more than a corporate buzzword. It’s the heart and soul of your company. The truth is, every organization has its own unique culture. So what does yours stand for? And how does it impact the health and happiness of your employees?

Building a standout culture isn’t easy, but it’s one of the most important things you can do to ensure your company’s long-term success. This workshop will teach you:

  • How to build a culture by design, not default
  • Why culture should be a part of your future planning
  • How to create a culture that’s aligned with key business goals

Recruitment is a Sales Process

Are unfilled positions limiting your company’s growth? The “post ‘n “pray” is virtually useless. Today, recruitment must be strategic to ensure you hire and retain people who truly fit your culture and can drive growth.

A tight labor market, coupled with increased hiring, means that recruitment and retention will only get more difficult. Kathleen will lead you through a step-by-step process that turns recruitment into a sales process to:

  • Address immediate hiring needs
  • Create a pipeline of candidates ready when you need them
  • Uncover talented, passive candidates who are too busy helping others succeed to actively seek new opportunities

Be Simply Irresistible, Hire with a Purpose

Do you struggle to identify ideal candidates? Are your hiring managers relying on hunches? Do you have trouble assessing those elusive soft skills? This workshop provides a process to help identify people with not only the right skills, but the values and vision that align with your goals.

Kathleen will share an in-depth, competency-based interview process and powerful tools to help you find people who’ll fuel your growth. Training takeaways include:

  • Hiring based on core competency requirements
  • Making your company irresistible to candidates, boosting acceptance rates by up to 50%
  • Implementing a consistent hiring process, including optimal screening techniques

“What an amazing day with you! You are an inspiring, empowering and funny as hell. Moreover, your knowledge and offer are unbelievable and beyond touchable.”

— Meridith Eicher: Founder, Meredith Eicher & Assoc LLC