Why do people work for you?

and follow you into uncertainty every day…?

Bigger paychecks? Typically not. Better perks? Wrong again. It’s feeling connected to you – the owner.

Featured In

Dare to Care

In Dare to Care In The Workplace, Kathleen Quinn Votaw shares her signature plan for creating people-centric, relationship based workplaces where employees replace the nine-to-five work mentality with purpose and personal fulfillment. By reading Dare to Care In The Workplace you’ll learn the value of …

  • breaking the status quo,
  • shifting into a strong company culture,
  • cultivating a workplace that values empathy, and
  • building a solid community that can withstand any storm.

Do you dare to care in the workplace?­

Let's find out!­­

It's time to dare to care in the workplace! In today's ever-changing work environment, it's crucial that we step back and assess how our workforce is experiencing our companies. This quick 8-question assessment will reveal how well you are prioritizing your internal community and provide actionable next steps to take your culture to the next level. Are you ready?­­

In the assessment, you'll learn:­

  • How well you're currently doing in building a "Camelot Community "
  • Practical ideas that can help improve your culture today
  • Personalized recommendations for the next steps in your quest to put your employees first.

If they don’t fit you, they’re gonna quit you

Employees and candidates have lots of choice… Will they continue to pick you?

Kathleen Quinn Votaw’s Podcast

The pandemic has changed the workplace forever, but is your company built to falter or thrive in a new hybrid environment. Join Kathleen Quinn Votaw, an expert on helping employers create people-centric and relationship-based workplaces, as she speaks with thought leaders and practitioners who have successfully navigated the new way to work—from home, or anywhere, together.

“Kathleen spoke to our national conference and also ran a workshop with our franchisees. She was amazing all around! She was also very helpful to all our franchisees in terms of how to think differently about the Team Member(employee) experience and how to impact it positively to hire and retain more great people.”

—Edward Logan, CEO, Sportclips

“She approaches the group in an engaging manner, allowing you to walk away feeling like you were part of a conversation and not just a spectator.”

—Kevin Lemasters, President, EnviroPest