Precision Interviewing

Behavior-based Interview Skills to Build Winning Teams

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Have you ever hired someone and immediately regretted it?

In this course, you can solve this problem and more. Precision Interviewing explores why behavior-based interviewing leads to better hires.

Who should participate?

Precision Interviewing is offered as an instructor lead, live virtual course for individual participants and in-person or virtual for teams.

In this course…

  • Learn the 7 steps to precision-based interviewing
  • Develop a custom, position-specific interview guide
  • Learn how to create an exceptional candidate experience when interviewing

What You’ll Receive

  • Exclusive access to course material
  • Complete library of fillable forms
  • Participant workbook (hard copy and digital)
  • Class Zoom recordings
  • Course slide decks
  • Course work video supplements

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Available Spots: 6

“I had the pleasure of attending a precision interviewing workshop led by, Kathleen. She offered profound insights into the interviewing process. She left our group with practical tools that will surely make a positive impact on our recruitment process. I highly recommend, Kathleen.”

-—Tim Wilson, District Manager at HM Wagner & Sons

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