Great Workplace Cultures

A-players want adequate compensation, but most people are surprised to learn that high salaries are not even in the top five things they want from their employer. In fact, it’s not necessarily “things” like beer, foosball games, or dollar bills that people want at all. It’s what those things represent—which is a great culture. Great cultures are flexible, fun, and transparent. They’re respectful, fair, trusting, and innovative. They have a purpose or mission, and it just feels good to be part of them. Your culture, whether great or not so great, is directly reflected in your bottom line.

  • How would your employees rate your culture, or have you asked them lately? What, specifically, makes it great or what keeps it from being great? What do you do to protect the valuable aspects of your culture and how do you incorporate positive change?
  • How open are you to workplace flexibility and what types of flexibility do you allow? How is trust, or lack of it, reflected in your policies around flexibility? What steps can you take to increase trust levels?
  • What kinds of perks do you offer employees and what’s the process for making decisions about perks? How often do you check to make certain that the perks are still relevant and valued by employees? How well do your perks reflect your culture?


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