Monkeys, Geese, Cans and Talent Strategy

Every organization competes for the kind of people who ask “why not?” instead of “why?” because they are the curious innovators who can grow your business.  Attracting them requires that you develop a talent strategy based on today’s desired workplace environment—one that offers things like flexibility, possibility, challenge, professional growth, and work-life balance. Start by digging deep into the realities of your culture and the complexities of the people who currently work within it, and those to come.

  • What assessments do you use to discover the level of curiosity and innovation you’re looking for in candidates? How effective are your interview questions in determining these and other characteristics you want in an employee? Are all interviewers using the same questions and are they trained in the same interviewing skills for consistency?
  • From culture and values perspectives, how do you view your employees? As whole people with personal lives, or as workers? Do you see the relationship between employer and employee as mutually beneficial, or do you believe employees owe the company their full attention during the work day? Do your views support the kind of environment curious innovators are looking for today?
  • How and how often do you get feedback from employees about your culture? Do you listen and act on the feedback, or is it ignored?

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