Don’t Trust Your Gut—Assess and Be Sure

Education and experience have been replaced as the first things to consider when hiring. Today, the emphasis is on things like how people behave and adapt, what their values are, and what motivates them—things that you can’t easily understand from resumes and interviews. But you can get this critical predictive information through pre-employment assessment. People aren’t just looking for a job; and you shouldn’t be just hiring anyone with a certain skill set. This article explains how both candidate and employer can benefit before the offer is made and accepted.

  • What do you see as the consequences and costs of hiring people whose values and behaviors don’t match with your culture?
  • If you currently use pre-employment assessments, what benefits have you seen in your workplace and how have they changed your hiring process? If you haven’t used them, why not?
  • How do you see pre-employment assessments enhancing the first impressions you make on candidates? How can you include them as part of your employment brand?

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