Assessing Employee Engagement

Productivity, morale, customer service, and retention levels rise with increasing employee engagement. Far from a trendy buzzword, engagement is a crucial business strategy that saves money and generates revenue throughout your business. Tools like surveys and assessments help you measure levels of engagement, which can then inform your training and development programs and indicate where you need to make changes in policies and procedures. High levels of engagement reflect an ownership mentality in employees that can take your business to new heights.

  • How trusting is your workplace environment? In what ways does trust affect relations between leadership and employees? Between employees and customers? How do internal trust levels impact your reputation in the marketplace?
  • When did you last measure employee engagement? How much confidence do you have in the honesty of the feedback and why? In what ways did you follow up with employees and what actions did you take as a result of your assessment?
  • What is your commitment to training and development? What unnecessary roadblocks in terms of policy, workload, money, or management practices prevent employees from taking advantage of the programs you offer? What changes should you make and how can you incorporate them into your culture?

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