Check in on Checked-out Employees – The Top Engagement Questions to Ask

Gallup puts the cost of mentally checked-out employees at $450 to $550 billion a year in productivity. That cost can be the difference between your company being just good, or becoming great. Engaged employees are not only more productive, they give you a key competitive advantage. In this article, we present the ultimate employee survey questions along with focus group questions for a deeper dive. And we list the three most important areas to focus on, when it comes to measuring engagement.

  • How often do you survey employees and what percentage of questions is related to employee engagement? What do you do with the results of the surveys? Is there an individual or group responsible for reporting back to employees and taking appropriate change actions? Or does the information get put on a shelf?
  • In addition to surveys, what other ways do you keep track of engagement levels? (Regular focus groups? Small group events with C-level executives? Engagement committees?) Who is responsible for measuring and managing employee engagement in your organization, and—if there isn’t anyone specific—what benefits would there be in having a person or committee focus on it?
  • How well do your culture, values and policies support employee development and opportunity for growth? What barriers are there to employee autonomy and advancement? What can you do to remove those barriers?

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