Benefits of Diverse Leadership Teams

There is no longer any question that diverse leadership teams offer tremendous business benefits. Among other things, women add stronger interpersonal skills, the ability to multitask and get things done, as well as a service mentality. Companies with more female executives and directors perform better and tend to be more profitable. Men and women should lean in and lead together. And since we need more women executives, both women and men must look for opportunities to mentor women, creating better business environments as well as results in the process.

  • How important is maintaining an employee-friendly work/life balance in your culture? How are employees punished or supported in choosing family over work or vice versa? What do leaders do to model a balanced lifestyle? Do attitudes and/or policies interfere with values around work/life balance, especially as they relate to women and the family responsibilities that typically fall to them?
  • How diverse is your leadership team and what is the ratio of men to women? What is your retention rate for women leaders compared to men? What steps can you take to attract and retain more women, including establishing or enhancing a strong mentoring program?
  • What does your organization do to support working mothers (and fathers for that matter)? How much of that support is on paper rather than embedded in your culture? What more can you do to provide the flexibility parents need to meet their obligations both at work and at home?


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