Benefits of a Strong Reputation

Your employment brand, or reputation, communicates your culture, mission, and values, serving as a key decision point for whether people want to work for you or continue to work for you—or not. Regardless of company size, a strong reputation significantly impacts whether you can attract and retain top talent; and it gives you a distinct competitive edge. Assessing, improving, and promoting your employment brand should be a top priority. It begins with being both authentic and strategic in your thinking and becomes a long-term effort that permeates every aspect of talent management.

  • What signs do you have that your reputation is positive, negative, or nonexistent? How do you monitor what the market is saying about you? How does it compare to your internal views? How do you go about changing or mitigating rumors or other negative factors? What do you do to leverage the positive factors?
  • When was the last time you asked employees the most important question to measure engagement: “How likely are you to recommend employment at this company to a friend or family member?” What were the results and how did you follow up on them?
  • What is your employee orientation process? How effective is it and how do you know? In what ways do you go beyond the basics in explaining your culture and welcoming new employees and their families? How well does orientation reflect your company values and culture?


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