Managing Constant Change

Entrepreneurial environments cannot function without people who are comfortable with rapid growth and change. Most of the people you hire should not see security as a priority; they should, instead, get “jazzed by chaos.” But that’s not all that’s needed. You want to create a balance of people who thrive on “different, new, and exciting” and people who provide underlying stability that supports the constant change. As a high-growth company, you need a mix of spirited innovators and support staff who can come up with the right processes and procedures as your company evolves.

  • What tools and techniques do you use to screen for the people who fit into your fast-paced, changing environment? What do you do differently, if anything, in your hiring practices for support staff? How successful are you in attracting a diverse workforce?
  • How do you ensure that your culture is engaging for both people who thrive on chaos and for those who prefer more predictability and stability? What feedback systems do you have in place to hear from both groups about their needs and levels of satisfaction? What is the difference in retention rates for one type of employee versus the other, if any?
  • What makes your entrepreneurial, rapid-growth company unique, and maybe a little crazy? What about your company drives your success?


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