Generational Differences

For the first time ever, there are at least four generations working together in the workplace, and of course there are differences. If you grew up in the 1950s, today is like a different planet in every way from culture to technology; and how well would a 20-something function in a world without mobile phones? We need to overcome our biases, whether against Millennials or Boomers, and welcome and value the differences in life experience and perspective. Innovation and personal growth are the outcomes of open minds.

  • In your hiring process, how much emphasis do you put on the attitudes, beliefs, and cultural fit of candidates compared to competencies and skills? Which are more important in your organization? Which can be trained?
  • How does your hiring process affect the generational diversity of your workforce? Who are you filtering out and what are you missing as a result of these filters? Are there differences in the retention rates of the various generations in your workplace and, if so, what’s causing them? What can you do to improve these rates?
  • Millennials may be the most maligned generation in workplace history. What issues, if any, do you see with Millennials in your organization and how are they handled? What gifts do Millennials bring to your workplace? In what areas could they use more training or development and how strong is your commitment to provide it?

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