Post & Pray—Widely Used and Useless

Candidates, like customers and employees, need to be engaged. Advertising and hoping the right person responds, or the “post and pray” method, doesn’t work—not if you want to attract the best people. We argue that organizations need to do two things: change to a sales mentality; and develop a culture of continuously cultivating the right people. This creates a pipeline of potential candidates, similar to your sales pipeline, with the skills and cultural fit you need, saving you from hiring whoever shows up at the door.

  • Who, in addition to HR, is “officially” involved in recruiting for your organization? How long has it been since you’ve evaluated and updated your current recruiting strategies, and how would you go about it now?
  • How strong is your employment brand in the market and how do you monitor and maintain it? What can you do to improve your brand?
  • What obstacles keep you from continuously cultivating the right people? Head count limitations? Lengthy or cumbersome hiring practices? Other factors? What will it take to eliminate the obstacles and develop a candidate pipeline?

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