Empowering Your People

Micromanaging comes naturally to entrepreneurs, but it frustrates employees and stifles growth. It’s important for leaders to empower their people to run the business and make decisions. With trust as its foundation, empowerment provides the oxygen for innovation and growth. That doesn’t mean you can’t sweat the small stuff, it means that you’ll have a team to do it. Companies grow in stages, and effective leaders let go as their company moves through its lifecycles, often evolving in ways they never imagined.

  • Most micromanagers don’t realize what they’re doing. How can you facilitate open and honest conversations between employees and their bosses about micromanagement and its impacts? How can you incorporate this type of dialogue on difficult subjects into your company culture?
  • How do you ensure that you hire leaders with the potential to be great? Leaders who are introspective and fully integrated individuals? What do you do to grow them once they’re hired? What do you do if they don’t make it to “great”?
  • Given that leading today means managing uncertainty, how can you embed trust into your culture? What changes should you make now in your hiring practices, training and development, and communications that will ensure that you succeed against all of the odds?


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