Managing Uncertainty with Confidence: A Leader’s Greatest Challenge

It takes equal amounts of courage and confidence to be an effective leader in today’s environment of constant change and uncertainty. There is little of the tried and true to fall back on. However, there are some basic strategies that can help you meet ever-moving targets and challenges, in order to provide a constant vision for your people and a learning culture that will help you succeed in ways you may not have expected. Effective leadership begins by surrounding yourself with the right people.

  • How do you deal with risk and failure in your culture? Are they accepted, even encouraged, or are they punished? How does acceptance or discouragement of risk and failure impact innovation and morale in your organization?
  • How involved is leadership in recruiting and how important is that involvement in supporting both your culture and goals? What can leadership do to be more effective in the hiring process?
  • Would you say that your organization has a “learning” culture? What factors make you think that you do or you don’t? What impact does it have on recruiting and engagement?

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