Employees Don’t Fit Neatly into Algorithms: So Let’s Rethink Performance Reviews

It’s well past time to ditch traditional performance reviews. Evaluations of your people should reflect your organization’s unique culture and the individual you are reviewing. Forget the negative reviews based on flaws and “opportunities for improvement” in favor of continuous feedback. Far beyond measuring performance, when you take a more timely and humane approach to performance reviews, you help engage and retain your most important asset—your people—improving morale and saving costs. I offer some options that allow you to dip or dive into new review processes.

  • When was the last time you evaluated your performance review system? What was your evaluation process and did it include a comparison to new performance review trends? What changes did you make and how are you measuring the results?
  • What’s the relationship between formal performance reviews and less formal feedback in your organization? Are managers required to provide employees with regular feedback, or is it left up to individual management preference and style? What is your process for employees to give feedback to managers? What’s the effect of your current system, positive or negative, on engagement and morale?
  • How would you rate overall communication in your organization? How well do people share information: between supervisor and employee, between teams, and from leadership? How is your overall communication effectiveness reflected in performance review policies and procedures?

Kathleen is an accomplished performer, business owner and leader. Find out more about how she can help you solve your “people puzzle” today.