Employment Branding

“Employment brand” is your reputation as an employer. Branding it isn’t about shiny bells and whistles, or simply catching the eyes of intrigued candidates. It’s about culture and how employees feel about working day-to-day at your organization. You can’t fake culture or “brand” it as you wish it were. Culture is exactly what employees say it is. Understanding that is the cornerstone for building your brand.

Culture reflects the character and personality of your organization. It’s the sum of your purpose, values, traditions, beliefs, behaviors, and attitudes. The combination makes you unique, and it should make you proud and profitable. It’s a strong business differentiator.

Many leaders don’t really understand what an effective culture feels like, or whether they have one, much less how to build their brand around it. It’s not because they don’t think it’s important. In this presentation, you’ll learn how to evaluate, enhance, and leverage your employment brand in order to compete in this candidate-driven market.