Onboarding—A Vital Piece of the People Puzzle

Effective onboarding saves U.S. companies billions of dollars a year through increased productivity and retention, yet more than one-third of companies spend nothing on welcoming their new employees. In this article, we offer best practices on what you should do from the moment your candidate accepts the offer, throughout the first day, and in regular check-ins over the first few months. The effort and resources pay off in multiple ways.

  • What are your objectives when welcoming new employees and who is in charge of the process? What are your standard procedures? Do you get feedback from new employees on how your process worked and if not, why not?
  • How involved is senior management in onboarding? How effective is their involvement? How do you get them more involved in a meaningful way? Why is senior management involvement in onboarding important to your business?
  • How does onboarding fit into your culture and values? Who in your organization walks in the shoes of new employees? How do you ease them into your culture? Who explains “how we do things around here,” the things you don’t put on paper? How do current employees treat new employees?

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