Empowered Employees and Core Values

Becoming a great company is an achievement to be proud of. Going a step beyond that to uniquely “irresistible” status is the rarest of rare in companies. Think Zappos, Red Frog, and Southwest Airlines. What they and a handful of other companies have in common is empowering employees to provide extraordinary customer service. Being irresistible requires high trust levels, well-defined core values, and courage, among other things.

  • What extraordinary customer service stories do you have to tell in your organization? Where did the stories originate, from the CEO/founder, from “ordinary” employees, or both? How do you use the stories to make you irresistible to employees and customers? How do you sustain the momentum and enthusiasm? No stories? How can you build trust and empower employees to create them?
  • How often do you challenge yourselves to a deep, internal reading of your culture and values? How effective is your process? Who is involved? How do you communicate findings to employees and get their perspectives?
  • What tools do you use in your hiring practices to ensure that you hire based on your core values? How do you make certain that candidates and employees understand what your values mean in terms of behaviors and empowerment? How do you get feedback about roadblocks to acting on empowerment as well as success stories?


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