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It's Time To Dare to Care in the Workplacaec
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You’re on your way! It seems like your “Camelot Community” is starting to form…

Congratulations! Your answers indicate that you are effectively shifting from focusing on culture to investing in building a community. You seem to grasp the idea that we are no longer living in an OR world; we are living in an AND world. You recognize that it is up to leaders to create a community out of these various employee experiences — and any struggles that arise are an opportunity to create your own unique community; one that works for your own unique workforce. If you hit a roadblock, I implore you to see this challenge as an opportunity for your HR department to step forward and be the hero. HR understands how to bring listening, fairness, inclusiveness, flexibility, and celebration into their community and has the tech tools to make it happen in diverse ways. They can be a leader’s greatest resource. Rely on them for ideas and support while giving them the training and resources needed to succeed.

You’re working on implementing ideas that provide trust, boost employee experiences (focused on supporting the whole person), and you seem to authentically show up and care for your employees. In a word, Camelot! The good news is that it seems like you’re on your way to creating your own “Camelot Community,” but to help you get there, let’s dive into a few tips that can help ensure that your organization is making the shift to putting your people first.

Remember: people choose to work with people, not companies. Just as your customers are experiencing you, your employees are also experiencing their employer. Are you being purposeful about what they experience? It requires a subtle (but important) shift in thinking and a shift in how you engage with each other. 

Here are just a few meaningful ways that you can demonstrate an earnest interest in your employees’ thoughts and concerns:

  • Take care to understand where someone is coming from; don’t judge.
  • Communicate with employees transparently, authentically, and frequently. When changes or decisions are made explain your WHYs; I can assure you, people want to know.
  • Adapt your return-to-work and WFA plans based on individual needs.
  • See your people holistically; they have personal lives that come to work with them.

You can learn more about how to meaningfully engage your employees in my new book, Dare to Care In the Workplace: A Guide to the New Way We Work. If you want to dive deeper into how to implement these practices on your team, let’s connect to talk about whether consulting would be valuable for your organization. Alternatively, if you’re interested in partnering with my company, TalenTrust, to help source your next top talent, you can request an appointment to discuss our recruiting services.

Finally, my calendar for 2022 is now open for booking. If you have a conference, association, or meeting and need a speaker, feel free to submit a booking request. I love sharing real tools and ideas on how your organization can best create a “Camelot Community.”

My guiding principle of “putting people first” has seen success through decades of changes and shifting landscapes. It has endured through a Great Recession as well as a global pandemic and I know that it will continue positively impacting workplaces for many years to come. I invite you to follow my lead. In fact, I dare you to!


Kathleen Quinn Votaw