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Let me help you build your Camelot Community! Discover the New Way to work…

Much like marketing sets the table for sales, retention sets the table for recruitment because recruitment is, in fact, a sales process. The best companies understand that there is a direct relation between exceptional talent and accelerated growth and realize that it’s essential that they put their people first by working to retain those that currently work for them. Investing in your people is the best investment for your company. But let me put one thing very bluntly — you can’t fake caring about your employees. They will see right through it. You either care about them or you don’t. 

Simply by taking this assessment, you’ve taken the first step toward creating a better company culture. Together, let’s embark on a journey of instilling and giving trust, working to create an incredible employee experience that supports the whole person, and authentically showing up and caring for your employees so that both they and your business can flourish. In a word, we’re building Camelot! Let’s dive into a few areas that will help your organization get there.

Just as your customers are experiencing you, your employees are also experiencing their employer; but are you being purposeful about what they experience? It is a subtle but important shift in thinking and a shift in how you engage with each other. 

The number one reason people leave companies is because they don’t feel like they’re appreciated. If people do not get recognition from you, they will leave and find it elsewhere. You must regularly recognize and reward people with a meaningful acknowledgment and in a manner that they personally prefer to be celebrated. For example, giving a Starbucks gift card to someone who doesn’t drink coffee will not make them feel valued or understood. Similarly, an introverted employee may be discouraged by a verbal shout-out in a large meeting. Consider how someone wants (and needs) to best receive praise and adapt to their needs.

Growing a community really isn’t complicated. Now, that doesn’t mean it’s easy! But it can be intuitive if you approach it with the right attitude. First, realize your company is a unique community, with shared relationships, trust, and common values. Treat your employees with respect and empathy and communicate with transparency. In order to get clear about your employees’ needs–ask them. And above all, put your people first.

You can learn more about how to create a “Camelot Community” in my new book, Dare to Care In the Workplace: A Guide to the New Way We Work. (I think Chapter 3 will be especially useful for you.) If you want to dive deeper into how to implement these practices on your team, let’s connect to talk about whether consulting would be valuable for your organization. Alternatively, if you’re interested in partnering with my company, TalenTrust, to help source your next top talent, you can request an appointment to discuss our recruiting services.

Finally, my calendar for 2022 is now open for booking. If you have a conference, association, or meeting and need a speaker, feel free to submit a booking request. I love sharing real tools and ideas on how your organization can best create a “Camelot Community.”

My guiding principle of “putting people first” has seen success through decades of changes and shifting landscapes. It has endured through a Great Recession as well as a global pandemic and I know that it will continue positively impacting workplaces for many years to come. I invite you to follow my lead. In fact, I dare you to!


Kathleen Quinn Votaw