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Are You Putting Your People First?

Take Kathleen’s quiz to see if your organization is making employee experience and retention a priority and discover why it’s vital for success!

Employers often talk about the importance of customer experience and believe that an excellent experience means catering to individual customer needs. But how are you handling the needs and engagement of your employees? In the ever-changing environment that we are tasked with working in today, it is crucial now (more than ever) that we step back and assess how our workforce is experiencing our companies. The modern landscape of a workforce is highly individualized, based on your organization’s work and needs. You may have some employees joining you on-site, a few at home, or a large quantity may be working in various hybrid situations. It is up to the leaders of an organization to take the initiative to create a community out of these various employee experiences as they WFA (work from anywhere).

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How is your organization breaking the status quo? Are you making positive shifts for the sole benefit of your employees?*
Change is constant in healthy organizations. How do you support your organization through change?*
Does your company value regularly receiving feedback from employees and seek to understand their points of view without objections?*
Not everybody can work from anywhere. What is your plan to embrace a hybrid business model?*
What is your organization doing to make retaining top talent a priority?*
How do you demonstrate that you trust your employees?*
Do you regularly take time to listen to employees’ concerns, perspectives, and feedback on current policies, procedures, and seek to find ways to improve their experience?*
A HuffPost article has coined this concept as Posttraumatic Job Disorder. How would you categorize employees leaving your organization? Do they have positive things to say about the company or are they detracting from your business due to poor treatment?*