Talent Strategy

HR’s potential has been undervalued, unappreciated, and underutilized in the past. Today we recognize that every business challenge has an underlying talent component that needs to be addressed. The most successful companies know that it’s nearly impossible to achieve their goals without a talent strategy, developed with the advice of a strong CHRO on the leadership team.

Times have changed, people have changed, and workplaces have to change with them. Your updated talent strategies could include things like: locating your company in a place where people want to live; creating a culture where people want to work; hiring those capable of handling the complexities and ambiguities that challenge you every day; attracting curious people who will innovate you to greater success; and helping you hire for cultural fit. These and many other talent strategies covered in this presentation will help you stay one step ahead of the competition.

HR strategies are ultimately what attract and retain the right people to grow your business. Learn how to link talent to every other strategy in your business plan.