Personal Inspiration: Shoot for the Moon

The world needs the talents of all of us now more than ever. It’s our responsibility to give the world all of our potential and skills. “Shoot for the Moon,” and we can create a reality where people believe in possibility and rise above the negativity to make their dreams come true. Not someday, today.

The motto, “Shoot for the Moon” drove Kathleen’s father to leave poverty in Ireland and immigrate to the U.S. with an 8th grade education and $20 in his pocket—and create success. Like father, like daughter. His motto became her guiding principle as well, helping her overcome life’s obstacles and trials to become a successful business leader. By sharing her story and perspective, she inspires and motivates others to have courage, take risks, and Shoot for the Moon.

Kathleen lives and understands the daily challenges executives face. She explains how she overcomes them by replacing rules with guardrails in her company and constantly questioning the status quo. She believes that through living our beliefs and having faith in people and love, we can transcend the noise and create positive, productive work environments.