Onboarding and Training

After spending extensive time and resources on impressing and hiring a candidate, many companies put little thought or effort into onboarding and training. “Welcoming” new employees should be part of a comprehensive process that makes them immediately feel at home, with the knowledge and tools they need to become productive.

Onboarding starts the moment your offer has been accepted by the candidate—before day one on the job. It begins with frequent communication that covers both job and cultural aspects of working at your organization, helping to establish a strong bond that lasts throughout the employee’s tenure. This presentation covers the specific things you should do to ensure that tenure is long.

Effective orientation programs are meant to increase the comfort level and productivity of new employees. But, in reality, it’s your business that reaps most of the benefits. You reduce the cost of learning; speed up the time to productivity; greatly improve turnover rates; and increase overall morale. Can you afford not to be on board?