#MeToo – Now What?

This engaging and valuable workshop is based on Kathleen’s article, titled: Valuing Sexuality in the Workplace. Kathleen believes in women and men leading together, however she realizes that many professionals have a #MeToo story of sexual harassment or misconduct in the workplace.

If women and men don’t resolve these issues together, both parties – and their companies – lose out. Kathleen aims to provide executives and professionals with the tools to collaborate and address, minimize and – ultimately – eliminate the destructive polarity that disrupts workplace peace, safety, and productivity.

  • Kathleen will outline her extensive personal experience of managing workplace sexuality before and during the age of #MeToo. She offers 30+ years of experience leading successful teams and organizations, and advising executives on talent and culture.
  • She’ll help participants determine the culturally appropriate words and behaviors that inspire workplaces where everyone feels safe.
  • Participants will role-play how to react to inappropriate comments and behavior in a professional setting.