Leading High Growth Companies

The people who lead innovative, rapidly changing, high-growth companies are passionate and a little crazy, but crazy in a good way. These leaders are “jazzed by chaos” and need employees with the same kind of DNA. Most people are not wired for constant change, and finding those particular people who are adds an extra set of challenges to recruiting.

High growth-companies may be entrepreneurial and inventive, but often they don’t have the necessary processes and procedures in place. When evolving a company on the fly, it’s difficult to create and maintain a system where none existed before. These companies also need the right balance of steady-as-you-go employees.

After 30 years of advising executives and 15 years leading her own company, Kathleen has an arsenal of recommendations, insight, and solutions related to talent, culture, and high-growth environments. In this presentation, she shares her experience and wisdom to help leaders achieve their wildest dreams in the midst of chaos.