Employment Trends

The U.S. unemployment rate has hit a record low, and the quit rate – the rate at which employees leave their jobs in search of something better – is on the rise. This signals a booming economy and is great for workers, but challenging for employers who are growing rapidly but looking through a skills gap. This continues to make talent management an urgent issue for organizations of every size, now and well beyond.

Over the past few years, workplaces have been gradually trending in two seemingly opposite directions: becoming increasingly digital and, at the same time, more employee friendly. Except for the most forward-thinking among us, companies have moved tenuously in experimenting with new HR policies that would have at one time been considered laughable. These new trends are now becoming inevitable and an essential part of “best company” culture—and those who react early enhance their competitive position.

Those who keep track of current trends can plan strategies to deal with them. Every year Kathleen presents the trends you need to watch in order to find and keep the right people to grow your business.