Disruption: Challenging the Status Quo

Is HR adequately prepared for the business disruption upon us and ahead of us? Probably not. It seems everything traditional about work and workplaces is on the chopping block as virtual meetings, remote workers, robotics, paid time off (PTO), unimaginable perks, and so much more shake what was until recently solid ground. Our future success is based on learning how to embrace and manage continuous change. And HR needs to be the leader in challenging the status quo.

Based on her early years in staffing and recruiting, Kathleen vowed to disrupt the stagnating industry she chose for her life work. In this presentation, she shares her personal experience in founding TalenTrust as an intentionally disruptive company. One that serves as a model for turning outdated HR practices into sustainable solutions for today’s businesses.

Through the lens of recruiting and retention, Kathleen departs from what you may have always believed, to offer the strategies and courage you need to disrupt legacy thinking and relationships that limit future opportunity and growth.