Business Leadership with Both Heart and Mind

Some people still believe that it takes too much time to be nice, or that you lose power if you’re too nice. They couldn’t be more wrong. In fact, what matters most about leaders is that they have both a strong business mind and a heart full of compassion.

Our most effective leaders radiate authority and warmth, probably in equal amounts—IQ knowledge and EI emotional intelligence. Leadership, in whatever form, drives culture and culture drives performance. How well you treat people and what experience they have working in your organization define your culture and, in turn, your ability to attract and retain talent.

Today’s employees demand a culture where everyone can thrive and contribute their talent—and feel good at work. If you’re not inherently patient, flexible and understanding, you can learn these and other soft-skills and experience for yourself how they enhance relationships and productivity. Head-heart leadership is our present and our future. Join us to learn how to incorporate both in you leadership style.