Audience Reviews

Kathleen offers relevant data, expert perspective, engaging stories, and actionable advice on the topics of talent and culture. Audiences rate her as 4.75 on a 5-point scale for content, delivery, and applicability. And, 100% of those surveyed after hearing Kathleen, would recommend her as a speaker.

Here are comments from those who have heard Kathleen speak:

  • “The US Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) has been so fortunate to work with Kathleen Quinn Votaw through our Distinguished Speaker Series. Her experience, knowledge, and masterful presentation style captivated a virtual audience of VA employees located across the country. Rarely have we had requests for a speaker to return, but Kathleen’s engaging style and insightful content captured the curiosity and attention of program participants.”
  • “Kathleen was among the most insightful, relevant, engaging, and fun speakers we have ever had. I have a long list of action items to work on!”
  • “She was relevant, focused, engaging. This was a significant value!”
  • “Well done. Thank you!”
  • “I’d happily sing praises for Kathleen to anyone who asks. She served as a member of the Board of Directors for Innovar Group, which I founded and now lead as COO. Her passion is people and her expert perspective is refreshing. She is a compelling speaker, author and business leader. Her contributions and insight are priceless.”
  • “Kathleen is passionate and knowledgeable about the topics she presents. She inspires audiences to take action—based on sound data, personal stories, and expert advice.”
  • “With local unemployment at less than 2%, I needed someone who could really speak about how execs can address our talent shortage. Kathleen delivered in spades, providing concrete examples and a wealth of good ideas.  Kathleen also goes above and beyond as a speaker. She operates from a perspective of abundance.”
  • “This was the most valuable presentation I have participated in this year.”
  • “Kathleen has an amazing grasp of the content and is very engaging. The take home value of her talk is exceptional.”
  • “Fantastic presentation! The content Kathleen presented was incredibly valuable and she did a great job engaging the whole team and providing real applications with actionable take-aways. One of the best speakers we’ve had to date!”
  • “Great content and helpful examples.”
  • “A great resource.”
  • “This presentation turns the common view of hiring upside down. It is very well delivered with tangible examples that allow you to see the damage we are doing in our businesses today by not considering Culture, Recruitment and Sales together in building a strong organization. Keeping your blinders on regarding this aspect of your business will be detrimental.”
  • “Kathleen is engaging and relevant.”
  • “Relevant topic and information presented in an engaging, interactive format. Kathleen was great, and was able to easily provide great examples of ways to implement viable strategies.”